The 2-nd International Conference

High-Grade Steel 2024 – from ore to rolled product

Dates: 4-6 of March, 2024
Venue: Moscow, Russia
About company
JSC Corporation AliansMetallurgia is the legal successor of the Association of Steelmakers, the interregional public organization established in 1992.
Throughout thirty years of activity, the Association of Steelmakers held
congresses of steelmakers at rapidly-developing metallurgical enterprises on
regular basis. In 2021, the organization was rebranded and acquired a new
name. Guided by the glorious traditions of the past, we are expanding our
activities by organizing various scientific and commercial conferences in addition to congresses of steelmakers. Our events serve as the site for prolific cooperation of professionals in the field of metallurgy and engineering. We are looking forward to collaboration with Russian an foreign partners.
Supported by

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation


NUST MISIS - leader University in Russia in the field of metallurgical education

Industry association of scrap recycling companies. Association involves over 250 companies - suppliers for steel plants.

Rating and analysis agency.

Academic Council for Metallurgy and Metal Science of the Department of Chemistry and Materials Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Exchange of experience in the field of scientific and technical achievements in steelmaking
Development of industrial cooperation between metal manufacturers in related production works
Discussion of pertinent aspects of the manufacture and consumption of raw materials in ferrous metallurgy. Development of cooperation, including international collaboration, between metal producers and consumers
Development of the theory and practice of manufacturing high-quality metallurgical products at the main technological stages
Development of the personnel training and professional improvement system
The programme covers the following issues

In programme: Plenary seccion, sections working, visiting of Moscow International Recycling Expo exhibition(the 5th of March), visit to metallurgical plants

  • State-of-the-art equipment for preparation of charge materials and manufacture of high-grade steel
  • Influence of charge materials on steel properties: scrap, HBI, pellets, cast iron, ferro-alloys etc.
  • Influence of refractory lining and additives on the process parameters of iron and steel making
  • Process approaches and modes of steel making stages (blast furnace, steel melting, pressure working, heat treatment, casting and other production stages) ensuring high-quality of products
  • Theory and practice of achieving low and ultra-low concentrations of impurities: carbon, sulfur, phosphorus, non-ferrous, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, non-metallic inclusions, etc.
  • Methods of monitoring the technological parameters of steel making processes, the composition and structure of the metal required for decision-making and process control
  • Influence of impurities on steel properties: tensile strength; forming ability – considerable plastic deformation without cracking; toughness; weldability; cracking resistance; corrosion resistance; fatigue strength etc. Positive effect of additives on steel properties
  • Computer simulation and control of steel making processes at the main production stages
  • Additive technologies in steelmaking and casting
  • The development of advanced engineering education and the training system for workers, as well as innovative methods of hard and soft skills
04th of March (Monday) - NUST MISIS - Moscow (build. Т)
05th of March (Tuesday) - World Trade Center
06th of March (Wednesday) - visit to MZ "Electrostal", AO "Tulastal"
*a detailed description of the route through the territory of the plants will be issued closer to the beginning of the event
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4th - 6th of March 2024
*detailed programme with external speakers, plenary seccion report subjects and section reports will be announced shortly and updated regulary
4th of March - Monday

09:00 a.m. - Registration of participant, coffe-break
10:00 - Conference oppening
10:15 - 17:00 - Plenary seccion
11.30-11.45 - coffe-break
13.30-14.30 - Lunch
16.00-16.15 - coffe-break
18.00 - Stage play "Steelmakers".
"Teatr Truda" theatre on stage NUST MISIS
19.30 -Weclome drink reseption
05th of March Tuesday -
Moscow World Trade Center
09:00 - Welcome coffee-break
10:00 - 17.45- Section "Theory and practice of high-grade steel production. Influence of impurities on steel quality. Refractories".
10:00 - 13:00 - Section "Metallized materials. Charge materials and additives. Theory and practice of cast iron and ferroalloy production".
12:45 - Coffe-break
13:00 - 14:30 - Analytical seccion: Ferrous metals, stainless steel and ferroalloys scrap Russian and global market. (Congress-hall)
14:30 - 15:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Section "Main and auxiliary steelmaking equipment. New processes"
18:30- Reseption
06th of March - Wednesday
Visit to MZ "Electrostal". Departure 09.00
Visit to AO "Tulastal". Departure 09.00
Lunch included
17.00 - tentative time of return to Moscow
10:00 - 16:00 - Visit to Moscow International Recycling Expo
Participation Fee
VAT free,
The fee includes: the visit to Moscow International Recycling Expo 2024 (5-6 of March), electronic version of the Conference Collection of Papers, visit to the production sites (one of your choice on March 6), cultural program, coffee brakes, lunches, welcome-party on March 4.
Industrial and commercial enterprises, Employees of educational and scientific organizations
45 000 RUB /470 EUR/500 USD
per person
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registration is open till February 27, 2024
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Information partners
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Looking forward to seeing you in March 2024!
For any issues of participation in the event feel free to contact the organizing committee!
Maria Baranenko
project manager
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